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Emergency Medicine Doctors in Ankara

Ankara, besides being the capital of Turkey, is also an important center in the health sector. Emergency Medicine Doctors in Ankara, who form a critical part of healthcare services in this big city, are medical professionals who save lives with emergency medical interventions and rapid diagnosis. Emergency Medicine Doctors intervene in urgent health problems such as unexpected medical emergencies and traumatic cases that develop as a result of accidents.

These specialists are trained to save the life of the patient or injured, diagnose the emergency quickly and accurately, and initiate appropriate treatment. Emergency Medicine Doctors in Ankara act with cold-bloodedness in the face of situations that require urgent intervention at the moments when patients come to emergency services. They have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to deal with medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, trauma, respiratory distress and poisoning.

Emergency Medicine Doctors, who are the cornerstones of Ankara’s health infrastructure, work 24/7 and are with patients whenever they need emergency medical assistance. They work with great dedication to save patients’ lives and minimise the consequences of emergencies with fast and accurate interventions. For those living in Ankara, these doctors are important heroes who provide assurance and support to the health system.

Emergency Medicine Doctors in Ankara

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Togay EVRIN
  • Prof. Dr. Atila KORKMAZ

What Do Emergency Medicine Doctors Look For?

Emergency Medicine Doctors are medical specialists who respond quickly and effectively to urgent health problems, including unexpected medical emergencies and serious traumatic cases. These specialists have special training and experience to save patients’ lives, diagnose emergencies and initiate appropriate treatment. Here are the specialities of Emergency Medicine Doctors:

Life-Saving Interventions: Emergency Medicine Doctors quickly assess life-threatening situations of patients and perform necessary emergency interventions. They act effectively in emergency cases such as cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, severe injuries.

Rapid Diagnosis: Emergency Medicine Doctors quickly assess patients’ symptoms and use the necessary tests and imaging methods to make the correct diagnosis.

Trauma Management: Treatment and management of injuries resulting from accidents, falls or other traumatic events.

Poisoning Treatment: Treatment and detoxification of patients exposed to toxic substances.

Drug and Treatment Applications: Emergency Medicine Doctors prescribe appropriate medications for emergencies and perform medical interventions such as intravenous treatments.

Emergency Surgical Interventions: When necessary, they perform surgical interventions to stop internal bleeding or repair organ injuries.

Paediatric Emergency Medicine: Diagnosis and treatment of emergencies in children fall within the field of paediatric emergency medicine specialists.

Crisis Intervention: Providing support to patients during psychiatric crises or emotional breakdowns.

Patient Management and Coordination: Working in coordination with all medical staff in emergency departments to ensure that patients receive the best care.

Emergency Medicine Doctors in Ankara act quickly and effectively in situations that threaten patients’ lives. These specialists receive continuous training and follow the latest developments in modern medicine to minimise the consequences of medical emergencies. Emergency Doctors represent a critical part of healthcare in Ankara and around the world and are ready to be there for patients whenever they need emergency medical assistance.

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