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Department of Pediatric Surgery

As Vimfay International Health Services, we are proud to provide the highest level of healthcare services with expert staff and modern technological infrastructure in the Pediatric Surgery departments of our contracted hospitals. With the mission of protecting the health of children, who are the guarantee of our future, we provide services in our contracted hospitals in the field of Pediatric Surgery Department . We value the health of our children and ensure that they are treated with the most modern methods.

Comprehensive Treatment Areas

Areas The health of our children is our top priority. As the Department of Pediatric Surgery, we perform surgical diagnosis and treatment of congenital anomalies and acquired diseases of the head, neck, thorax, gastrointestinal system, soft tissue and genitourinary system.

Expert and Experienced

Team Pediatric surgery is an area that requires special expertise. For this reason, we aim to treat our children in the best way possible with our experienced and specialized surgeons. We take great care to ensure that the child and family feel safe during each treatment process.

Advanced Technology and Treatment Methods

At the Department of Pediatric Surgery, we offer treatment approaches tailored to the needs of each individual child. Using the most modern surgical techniques and technologies, we perform each treatment process in the most effective and safe way. In this way, we contribute to the rapid and healthy recovery of our children.

A Strong Recovery Process with Family Support

As the Department of Pediatric Surgery, we attach importance to the inclusion of our children as well as their families in the treatment process. We aim to make the healing process of our children stronger by informing, supporting and actively participating in the treatment.

Together with the Pediatric Surgery Department of the hospitals, we have an agreement, we aim to raise the adults of the future in a healthy way. We are here to touch tiny hearts’ health and ensure they step into a healthy lot.