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Department of Medical Pharmacology

We are proud to offer the highest level of healthcare service with expert staff and modern technological infrastructure in the Department of Pharmacology. Medical Pharmacology is a branch of medicine that studies the effects of drugs, their mechanisms of action, side effects, and their role in the treatment of diseases. Experts working in this field strive to understand the effects of drugs on the human body and to develop the most effective drugs for the treatment of diseases.

What is the Department of Medical Pharmacology?

Medical Pharmacology is a department that investigates how drugs work in the body, the mechanisms of action of drugs, and their interactions. It also examines issues such as doses, routes of administration and side effects of drugs.

Which Diseases Does the Department of Medical Pharmacology Deal With?

Medical Pharmacology specialists examine the effects and use of drugs used in the treatment of many diseases. They conduct research on the effects and use of drugs in many areas such as cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, neurological diseases, and psychiatric diseases.

What Does the Department of Medical Pharmacology Do?

Medical Pharmacology specialists research the effects of drugs on the body and try to determine the most effective and safe drug treatments. They contribute to more effective treatment of diseases by determining the doses, routes of use and frequency of administration of drugs. At the same time, by examining the side effects and interactions of drugs, they support patients to use drugs safely.

The Department of Medical Pharmacology has an important role in the effects of drugs used in the treatment of diseases, their safe use and the development of new drugs. Our team of experts is here to provide you with the best healthcare service with their experience in the scientific basis and practical applications of medicines. Feel free to contact us for more information about our medical tourism services.