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Department of Medical Pathology

Medical Pathology Departments of the hospitals we have contracted.

Medical Pathology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and classification of diseases. Pathologists working in this field make an important contribution to the correct diagnosis and treatment planning by examining the origin, course, and effects of diseases.

What Is the Department of Medical Pathology?

Medical Pathology is a department that deals with the study of diseases at the tissue and cellular level. Specialists in this branch examine samples such as biopsies, cytology samples, and surgical materials of patients under a microscope to determine the type, spread, and characteristics of diseases.

Which Diseases Does the Department of Medical Pathology Deal With?

Medical Pathology contributes to the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases. Pathology specialists make valuable contributions in many areas such as cancer diagnosis, diagnosis of inflammatory diseases, medical genetic analysis, and detection of infectious diseases.

What Does the Department of Medical Pathology Do?

Medical pathologists play a critical role in the diagnosis of diseases. They examine patients’ biopsy, surgical material, or cytologic samples to determine the type and extent of the disease. These diagnoses are of great importance for treatment planning and patient management. Pathologists ensure that patients reach the most accurate and up-to-date diagnosis by closely following technological developments.

The Department of Medical Pathology plays a vital role in diagnosing diseases, formulating treatment plans and monitoring the course of the disease. Our expert team is at your service with the experience and technological infrastructure it provides in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of diseases. For more information about our medical tourism services, please do not hesitate to contact us.