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Child Health and Diseases

As Vimfay International Health Services, we offer unique and original services in the Pediatrics department of the hospitals we have contracted with. With our expert physician staff and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, we are here to support your children’s healthy growth and development journey.

Monitoring Growth and Development with Healthy Baby Monitoring

We support your child’s healthy growth and development by carefully monitoring each step. Healthy baby monitoring is the process of laying the foundation for healthy individuals of the future.

Development Screening Tests

Every child has different potential. With developmental screening tests, we closely monitor your child’s cognitive, motor and social skills and detect possible developmental delays at the earliest possible stage.

Routine and Special All Childhood Vaccination Practices

Childhood vaccinations are critical for the foundation of health. We protect your children against diseases with our routine and special vaccines.

0-18 Age Pediatrics Polyclinic

You can make an appointment at our pediatric outpatient clinic for all health needs of your children between the ages of 0-18. Our experienced doctors take a special approach to each patient.

24 Hours Pediatric Emergency Service

Even in emergencies, we take care of your children’s health. We are with you at any time with our 24/7 pediatric emergency service.

Hearing Screening Tests

Assessing your child’s hearing health means building their future. With hearing screening tests, we detect possible problems early and intervene.

Early Childhood Vision Screening Tests

Vision is the key to a child’s ability to explore the world. We support your child’s vision health with early childhood vision screening tests.

Examination and Evaluation of Developmental Hip Dysplasia

We closely monitor developmental hip dysplasia for the healthy development of your baby. Early diagnosis and intervention lays the foundation for a healthy future.

Allergic Skin Tests

Healthy skin improves your child’s comfort. We support your child’s skin health with allergic skin tests.

Child Health and Diseases we are committed to providing the best service for your child’s happiness and health. By contacting us, you can start your child’s health journey in the best way.