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Child Development Unit

As Vimfay International Health Services, we are proud to provide the highest level of healthcare services with expert staff and modern technological infrastructure in the Child Development Unitsof the hospitals we have contracted. We are here for your children to discover their strongest potential and grow in the healthiest way. With our expert physician staff and pioneering technological infrastructure, we provide services to support and guide your children’s development journey.

Development Assessment and Development Monitoring

Every child has a different story. We offer the best guidance for your child’s individual needs through developmental assessment and follow-up.

Intelligence Tests

Great achievements await small minds. We are here to understand and support your child’s potential with intelligence tests.

Assessment of School Readiness

Our aim is to lay solid foundations for the leaders of tomorrow. By evaluating the school preparation process, we ensure that your child takes a more solid step towards school.

Attention and Concentration Tests

Concentration is necessary to achieve success. We support your child’s academic performance with attention and concentration tests.

Toilet and Sleep Training

Your child’s comfort is our priority on the journey of growth. We support your child’s comfort and independence with toilet and sleep training.

Picture Analysis and Evaluation of Children’s Pictures

We are here to understand your child’s world. With picture analysis, we offer services to understand your child’s emotional expression and world of thought.

Tablet, Television, Telephone Addiction

We support a balanced relationship with technology. We are here to help your child achieve a healthy balance against tablet, television and phone addiction.

Effective Communication within the Family

Communication is key to growing together. By supporting effective communication within the family, we enable families to better guide their children.

Spending Quality Time with the Child

It is important to appreciate the growing moments together. We offer you ideas for spending quality time with your children.

Age Appropriate Game and Book Suggestions

We are here to support the learning and discovery process. We enrich your children’s world with our age-appropriate game and book recommendations.

Language and Speech Problems

We are here to open the doors of the language world. We are at your child’s side for speech and language problems.

Behaviour Problems

Children also need emotional support. We are here to understand behavioural problems and offer solutions.

Sibling Jealousy

We are here to understand the world of children, alongside families. We help them manage sibling jealousy.

Eating Problems

Nutrition is important for healthy growth. We offer guidance on eating problems in line with your child’s needs.

Support Training for Children with Special Needs and Parents

Every journey is special. By providing support training for children with special needs and their families, we help them step into a stronger future.

As the Child Development Unit, we are here to help your children discover their best potential and support their healthy growth. Every child is a treasure, every moment is an opportunity.